Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today is the first day of posting in my Blog. I have a myspace page where I post blog, but I decided to take all of my old posting and put them here, as well, new postings.

This idea has been brewing in my mind for quite sometime and I am really to move forward in my life by starting this project. I have plans to carry this into a more self-sufficient blog that I will design and create with all the resources available to me.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and post or express as much of yourself as possible. This is the future of "emotional safe-housing." You and I will be able to express, unleash, and unravel every expression in our minds about what I post and what you wish to express about my opinion, as well, I will be able to express and challenge your opinions to what has been said by myself.

May we all enjoy this outlet for all our minds and heart to give rise to our emotional spiels!

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