Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aptitude of the Aloneness...........

Aloneness can be, only when influence is not. Aloneness is action, which is not the result of a reaction, which is not the response to a challenge or a stimulus.
- Krishnamurti, On Love and Loneliness P. 150-Madras, 5 February 1950
Aptitude of the Aloneness

When you sit alone in a room full of people conversing and materializing in their drama, what goes through one's mind? If you are in such a inhabitant space with a vast mixture of personalities, how could such a mood creep into one's consciousness? The aptitude of such a mood could derive from the guise of loneliness; however, does this lead to aloneness? For there is a very wide divide between alone and lonely. I could explain it vaguely, but this would only create a great ambiguity, so my explication will bear in mind the sentiments of the statements I just scripted. With out further ado, what is the measure of your bounds in aloneness?

This subject of aloneness has been on my mind for quite sometime with a collective amount of other things to follow. I am not afraid of loneliness, which is why aloneness has not shutter my curiosity. I love the moments of my aloneness. It has been amply introspective in my quest for understanding my behavior and my attitude in the present inhabitants and the present people I meet. There is nothing like having a mental massage everyday when you open your mind to the nuances of knowledge, fruit from the tree of metaphysics. The refreshing vigor is a challenge to the personality of your self-inhibitions and your present transgressions.

How I have fell into this situation is a whole other subject not directly related to this discussion; henceforth, I have learned that circumstances have a funny way of peeling away at the skin of the core. The existence of the real nutrients are buried under those layers of skin. The taste is a fruition of transgressions and progressions unlike any superficial entity we are granted to obtain by mere material gain. The sensations are uncanny and the experience is a voyage, but you can't read about it or talk about; no, you have to be about it, apart of it, and represent it. It's unconditional. There is no other way to put it! Aloneness is just only touching under the primary layer of the experience. You want to go deeper, you will have to shed until inevitable acquiesce. 

My conclusive point is where will you veer after you have manifested this process? Our lives must learn to cultivate some core or sanity. We have to obtain something other than concrete idiosyncrasies that stimulate our senses like children riding a merry-go-round. There must be some other horizon to climb, to experience, to obtain, in order to transform. Humans must acquire a sort of adaptability to any given situation or given moment in their environments. Just like habits, they have to be learned and to be unlearned. Aloneness, derives from this same principle; a principle derived from knowledge and from fate.

"Just as we attach to one form, we transform to another. This alone is just the first step toward an enlightened path toward progress. The accolade is the result of the knowledge gained and the recollections extinguished."
- Ryuzen

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