Monday, June 6, 2011

Slave Mentality

I have heard this term, but never had a definition to put a face on it; so, I think its about time for some action by putting together a lexicon for this expression. I will start by retrieving information from an online dictionary ( for each word of the expression: first, Slave: (noun) 1. One bound in servitude as the property of a person or household; 2. One who is abjectly subservient to a specified person or influence; second, Mentality: (Noun. Plural) 1. Cast or turn of mind: a vindictive mentality. 2. The sum of a person's intellectual capabilities or endowment. From those two words, we could conclude that the two separate definitions has given clarity and weight to the function of the phrase; thus, slave mentality is "a person or group of persons bound by the servitude property of an idea, a creed, or a philosophy that has incarcerated their intellectual capabilities."

Thus, I have constructed a definition for slave mentality to break ground for the duration of this discussion. To begin, what word(s) could be synonymous with the term slave mentality: fear, control, ignorance, patriotism, violence, sedation, and suffocation, etc. The principle reason I have written this thought is simply: to inform, to intellectualize, to present a concept and a phenomenon very obvious and oblivious in the same instance. I believe the many environments I traveled to and from have embodied this concept in it's entirety. Whether the attachment be a lifestyle, political endeavors, economical positions, religious austerity, or theoretical conceptualizations they all stem from the same branch of the same tree for they all embody "mentality."

The overtly aggressive tones, and the ultra-competitive attitudes of individuals today are synonymous of this phrase; however, what is the principle ingredient to fortify this phrase: fear. Fear has this insatiable, magnificent power to attract and to distract individuals into an illusive state of euphoria or "false empowerment." The feeling of fear begins from within  before it travels to the surrounding inhabitants. There always will be some sort of experience to create this neurotic state of "slave mentality." We could ascertain an example of "slavery" in any level of the status quo. How is it we work countless hours to solidify our worth for the purpose of consumption and/or ownership of products to fulfill a lifestyle image fit to fortify the concrete merit of success; thus, this merit is the validity of the slaves' well-being and worth.

This worth is a transform into this "empowerment-betterment" from the culture meritocracy that presents an iridescent accolade of consumerism. In a sense, one becomes a slave toward this "vision" of freedom. The belief is projected as "slavery is freedom" in our though processes; allowing this idea to blossom into a flower of purity. This "purification" reaches its total transfusion that conforms the individual into a living breathing slaving machine. The only thing this machine occupies in it's thought patterns are work-money-power, supposedly procuring the idea of freedom. Yet, I speculate, freedom in what?

If you sit back a moment and take a second to reflect, we could see the point clearly. The point being how can our actions reflect our value as human beings cultivated by the rhythm of a clock? We all must pay rent, buy food-clothing, and acquire transportation to survive in moderation in this society built upon these merit-values system; however essential these necessities may be, when must learn to adjust our control and limitations of our energy toward the desires we wish to fulfill our personal appetites. These desires, one would seek, could also transfuse into a "slave mentality" of a different value and position; yet, with the same possible result: a slave to the mental lapse of consumption.

The point has been simply emphasized that the bleeding aggressive hearts cultivated by the masses function in such an aptitude that the levels of transfusion is undetectable. The fact people are oblivious to the nature of humanity or the highly-competitive nature attracts such a state of coercion to this tree of slave mentality is neither mysterious nor unbelievable. It's just has been provincial to survival. Why has many become to mentally enslaved? Because, this enslavement derives from one of the principle ingredients: fear. In other words, fear is survival. I think we all must take a long look at "how much slavery we have acquired in our mentality!" This is something very pivotal to our own progressions and transgressions in our future regressions. If, we can;t learn to see what poisons and what heals ourselves from within, without, and around us then slaves are what we will remain for eternity.

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